Sunday, September 8, 2013

This Weekend

A weekend spent mostly at home.

Good weather for drying our birch for the business.

Cool enough to wear hand knit wool sweaters.

Isaac practicing his new sport.  We are doing home schooling Monday through Thursday with Fridays devoted to more household and homestead chores.   Isaac finished up his by the afternoon and without his laptop being an option until later in the afternoon came up with hatchet throwing.  (Isaac is 15 - definitely not recommended for young children.)

Our first apple pies of the season.  This year our trees have produced an abundance of apples.

Autumn is definitely in the air.  There is a frost warning for tonight.  I am hopeful that it stays away so the winter squash can continue to grow after a late start.

On the other hand, it will feel cozy sitting inside tonight planning out the week with the wood stove going.


  1. Hello, lovely pictures. Such a sweet little girl.We spent the weekend in the mountains and had the wood stove going in the old farmhouse and wool on the knitting needles again after a warm Summer of cotton crochet. Love the Autumn and preparing for winter. Don`t think my pumpkins are going to ripen in time though, it is getting too cold. Have a lovely week, Pam

  2. I love those coasters! Now, that would make a nice Yule gift...

  3. Beautiful girl in a beautiful sweater!