Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bits of Creativity from the Week

We all appreciate how Abby makes desserts from start to finish by herself now.

 Watercolor painting

Abby has been experimenting with using watercolors and a Sharpie.

I have been working on one of Sarah's birthday gifts.

Part of my job in our business is the wood burning.   It can be tedious but it can allow for a bit of creativity as well.

I found that it was very helpful to plan out my projects for the week but not so helpful to set hard and fast goals for completion - too stressful!  However, I will continue to put my creative plans in my planner, but be flexible with what I accomplish while making sure to set aside bits of time each day.

Thank you for all of the thoughtful sharing in the previous post.  My only intention there was to raise awareness of the subtleties in advertisement - or maybe in this case, not so subtle.  We are each on our own path, however, I do know that children are the most precious gift we can be given.  Unfortunately, much in our culture does not reflect this belief.

Warm wishes for a joy filled weekend,


  1. Abby's watercolor painting is very clever. And I'm sure her baking is delicious. Chloe bakes quite often, lots of muffins and scones.
    And the felt you are cutting out for Sarah is so pretty, I look forward to seeing more of what you are making.
    I hope to have have a sewing day tomorrow!

  2. Your Abby is already a better baker than my 21 yo!Love the crafts!

  3. The black sharpe with the bright watercolors looks awesome.
    Tell Abby well done for me.

  4. Abby's drawing with the sharpies and watercolors is AMAZING. The creativity of children (and mamas!) is inspiring.