Friday, August 13, 2010

Theater, Fairs, and Family

This weekend is going to be very full for us.

Our oldest, Thomas, is involved with a local theater company, QNEK, and they are performing Curtains over the next two weekends.

Thus, we have two different sets of parents coming up this weekend - my father and his girlfriend as well as my father-in-law and his wife. Next weekend we have my mother and step-father and my "brother" and his wife visiting and to see the show.

For this weekend, most of the food preparations were completed today - a quiche, breads and cookies baked and preparations to make another blackberry pie.

In addition, we have our first two fairs this summer. I have been gathering the inventory we will be bringing, labeling it and putting it all out on a shelf on our porch to be packed up first thing in the morning.

Abby is preparing as well. I took this picture of her gnomes that she has set up on her desk to sell at the fair.

In between it all, I am excited to spend time with family and prepare lots of delicious foods, share in my son's excitement for his achievements, and meet new people while sharing our family's creations.

Wishing all of you a beautiful weekend.


  1. looks great:) I would so be buying one of those little gnomes from your wee one:)

  2. Your weekend sounds so full and wonderful! Plays, family, blackberry pies, fairs and gnomes, it surely sounds like a storybook. Have a wonderful time! Happy Weekend. Peace, Angela

  3. Enjoy your son in the production and sell tons of your amazing goods at the fair! Love the gnomes - my girly is named Abby also and she, too, is quite the maker of things.

  4. What a wonderful weekend of celebration ahead! I hope you have a great time.

    Willow x

  5. Just joined The Artistic Mothers Group & found you ~ your story is captivating & resonates (I'm still in part one - my daughter recently said to me in response to weeding out her stuff, "then get a bigger house mom"...yes, we have a way to go!)

  6. Great blog. What wonderful things can happen when you make that space available for creativity to flow and skills to develop.

  7. Sounds like such a fun filled time ahead of you. I hope all your time with family is lovely and refreshing. I love your Abby's little gnomes. :-)

  8. What a wonderful weekend! Enjoy! Your inventory looks wonderful. Here's asking for blessings as you go through the weekend and the fair!

    BTW, I was in your part of the world and met a lady who thought she knew you. We were talking about fiber and knitting and such and I told her about your blog. She said she thought she knew you! How cool is that??

    She had lovely fiber! Her farm is Riverlea.... Sound familiar??

    Have a great weekend!


  9. I see those lovely yellow napkins there - they look great with your wooden products. Good luck with the fair, the play, and all!

  10. sounds like a great weekend...enjoy every moment!