Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Little of This and a Little of That

Our days are always so full....

knitting and needle felting valentine gnomes

sewing more hearts for winter newsletters

making winter swags for doors

reading lovely notes from far away friends

(this beautiful watercolor painted notecard comes from

collecting these adorable spruce cones on our daily walks

What are you filling your winter days doing?

Warm wishes,


(There is a very nice tutorial on making your own wooden knitting needles here.)


  1. Lovely!! Today I am enjoying some quiet time by the fire. Lots of indoor play time these past few days as the sun has not been shining...we do get out for a walk almost every day though, sun or no sun!

  2. Everything looks so beautiful, and good soul crafting.
    We are getting ready to see our dad/husband, and celebrate his 35th birthday. Hope you have a wonderful day Tonya

  3. So pretty! I am knitting, of course, for the Santa Train next Christmas and we are kidding! Twins last night! So pretty!

    Have a lovely winter's eve! Do you see the full moon tonight??

  4. I love those Valentine gnomes, so cute! Have I mentioned lately that your rainbow gnomes still get alot of love here? That notecard looks nearly identical to my daughter's first journal. It was from herondance as well and I bought it for her because it was lined on one side of the paper, but not on the other. Perfect for a 6 year old (which she was at the time) to do a bit of writing alongside her drawing.

  5. Your gnomes are so cute!! We are knitting and quilting here~by the fire~watching the snow come down. I really do love the snow~it always brightens everything up. Blessings, Rose

  6. You have been so busy with such beautiful craft work. I am so looking forward to your newsletter.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Ahhh those gnomes have that huggable factor:-) I love bringing the pinecones in too, I think I am worse than the kids!