Monday, July 8, 2013

The Girls' Self-Directed Projects

Sarah planted her own garden this year with little to no help.  She has a tomato and pepper plant, a small row of snap peas, 3 pumpkin plants, 3 butternut squash, and 3 - 6 kale plants coming up.  In this picture she is instructing Emmy that the kale is not a weed.

Abby continues to work on her own "tiny house".
She is using only materials found around our homestead.


  1. My children also have their own projects going this summer. It does them good and they learn a lot too. Evenings the bigger boys go fishing and catch some dinner, great fun too. Blessings Pam

  2. I am so blown away by Abby's house!!! Simply amazing! I look forward to seeing more about this...and I surely will show my 5 yr old (as of today!) what your daughter is doing. Love the capable farm girls!!!
    xo Jules

  3. Perfect pastimes for children who are living with purpose. Very impressive!

    Blessings, Debbie

  4. Food and shelter - clever girls