Thursday, July 4, 2013

Mud and More Mud

Emmy and I went out this morning to do the chores in our t-shirts, shorts and rubber boots.  The air is thick and warm but we are rejoicing because the sun is out this morning.  Will we have a day without rain?   The forecast isn't predicting such, but we still do hope.

This is the wettest it has been since we moved here four years ago, wet, wet, wet.  The laundry pile is huge, the clothes are simply not drying in this humidity.  Our birch for our business is turning moldy.  The animals have to deal with this mud too.

The gardens don't seem to mind, though, and that is a good thing.  The other good thing I noticed is that the lack of sun seems to be keeping the pesky cucumber beetles away which is giving the squash plants a chance to establish themselves.

Mike is making buttons and we are experimenting with small items that are not bothered by moisture as much.

I have actually started to get used to being wet and muddy.  The dirt between my toes, in my fingernails, and perpetually muddy children.

Yesterday we didn't even retreat inside when another downpour began - instead Emmy and Abe continued to play in their sand pile and I continued to weed while water dripped down my sides and the top of my head from being bent over. 

It is really quite amazing out how well we adapt to situations and it is really true that we can make a choice each moment how we will respond - either with negativity or with possibility.  I do my best to seek out the possibility even in the soaking rains.


  1. Dearest, you would be right at home here in England !
    We also get used to getting wet, and there is a saying, there is no bad weather, only the wrong clothes!

  2. Here in WV we've had enough breaks between the rain to make it very enjoyable and I love that our temps are staying in the lowish 80's. Being on top of a mountain we don't have to deal with quite as much mud but I'm also dealing with the laundry pile!. Attitude is pretty much everything and can make tough situations bearable.

  3. Yes it is good for the gardens which is a blessing-hope it dries up soon for you - love the buttons

  4. Here in SW Virginia it is also VERY rainy with often violent storms and downpours becoming a daily occurrence. We have had localized flash floods with even fatalities due too the rapid 2+ inche/hr at times. Hope it dries out some!