Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Knitting and Reading

I finished the medium size for my Simply Sweet Sweater pattern.   The yarn is this neat yarn called Renew Wool and is 65% Virgin Wool and 35% Repurposed Wool.  I bought it at our local yarn shop.

 Just dreaming up some buttons and an idea for a wool felt applique on the front.

I am reading another nonfiction, A Dresser of Sycamore Trees - the finding of a ministry - by Garret Keizer.  I found this book at a library book sale and thought I might enjoy it not only for the content but also because it is set up here in the northeast kingdom of Vermont.

Here is one quote from it that I highlighted and is from the author's thoughts while staying for a time at a monastery ~

"However a monk had come to be there, his coming had meant a giving up of something- and that made all of the brothers fascinating and some ways awesome.  All of them had refused to believe that 'you can have it all.'  In other words, all of them were challenging what has become the virtual battle cry of this culture .  That battle cry is also the complete antithesis of any notion of social or ecological responsibility, even though people who claim 'you can have it all' often affect to care about such things - why not, when you can 'have it all'?  Quietly the monks were saying, and have been saying for twenty centuries, 'That won't work'.  If other persons, peoples, species, and generations are to have justice, no one can 'have it all.'  There are choices to make and prices to pay for those choices."

Joining with Ginny today.


  1. Wow, what a great quote. Thanks for that!

  2. Your sweater is very pretty - I am sure your handcrafted buttons will be just the right touch to finish it. :) The book sounds interesting, I also enjoy reading books that are based on our location.

    Happy Wednesday to you.

  3. Love the sweater. Have fun choosing the buttons.

  4. I very much agree, we can't have it all and shouldn't want it all! I think the secret to a happier life is not to want it all but to want certain things and work hard to achieve them. The myth that there is a perfect life, a greener and more perfect place is destructive and, of course, total nonsense. We all have our own priorities, the joy is working on them and sticking to them, enriching ourselves and hopefully our world.

  5. sounds like a great read. and what a gorgeous sweater!