Monday, April 30, 2012


As I look at the sun
I think about wars been won.
Lots of blood has been spilled 
and people felt guilt
to help the war just be done.

Cuz nobody wants the killing.
The taxpayers don't want the billing.
If we all made peace,
the fighting would cease
and the farmers could get back to tilling.

By Isaac Gunn - age 13


  1. This young poet knows what he is talking about. Maybe he could run for office. He seems to have more common sense than some of the current candidates. Thanks for the post.

  2. OH if we did it for just one day...think how much better the world would be. Peace with in, Peace all about.

    With All That I Am
    Carrie "The Handmade Homemaker"

  3. Tonya, this is incredible! You must've teared up when you read this! Awesome job, Isaac!

  4. There's so much wisdom in Isaac's beautiful poem, thank you for sharing it with us! Just the other night my 14-year-old daughter asked why on earth people waged war "in order to make peace". Indeed.

  5. what a marvelous young poet. and what cute chicks!

  6. Wow Tonya, amazing little man you've got there! I'm making sure my kiddos read this...nice job mama!

  7. Ah, if only we could have true world peace. If only all could have spiritual peace.

  8. Wise and beautiful words. Thank you for sharing!

  9. This would make a great song!