Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Last Few Days

I sewed Emmy a bonnet, the pattern from The Children's Year.  But, I did not do something quite right - not sure how to attach the brim properly.  If you want to see a bonnet that came out really well with the same pattern, visit Melanie's beautiful blog.  I am going to try again or perhaps look for another pattern.

The barn is in the process of getting a spring cleaning.

The marsh marigolds are blooming along the pond.

Firewood collecting has begun.

Frog collecting season has arrived on our little pond.

We traveled down to Woodstock, Vermont (my favorite little town to visit) to meet my father to pick up Thomas who had been away for 10 days.  He and his Poppa went to the 100th anniversary game of Fenway Park, Thomas played at an open mike night in Framingham,  was able to visit with some extended family, work a little for my father, and enjoy the fast paced life for a time.  We are happy to have him home again though. 

Warm wishes,


  1. I don't know much about sewing but it seems as if a thicker or stiffer fabric might hold the shape easier. Still, she looks cute in it if not overjoyed to be wearing a hat. :)

  2. Dear Tonya, I think the bonnet came out beautifully! How lucky you get to use flowery fabric and eyelet . . . :) You're so sweet to link to me.
    I plan to do another one soon, and post photos of how I did the brim.
    Love, Mel

  3. Cute! I have had good luck with a Made By Rae Peekaboo Bonnet pattern. Love the fabric!

  4. Try using a thick interfacing in the brim of the bonnet so that it keeps it's shape. such acute little hat :)

  5. Sounds fabulous around there! My kiddos are off to DC with their grandparents for a few days soon...scary but exciting!

  6. Her brim is done with a different fabric and probably, she used a stiffener, like interfacing, to keep the brim still.

    I still think yours looks pretty nice :)


  7. She looks adorable in her little bonnet. Quilt it, maybe?? Hmmmm...

    Updates please on goaties and colleges?? :P

    We had snow today! Did you??

  8. She looks adorable in her bonnet. I think all you need is a thicker interfacing and you will be all set :)

    Wishing you a great day,