Thursday, January 4, 2018

Handmade Christmas for 2018

So I got very few handmade gifts done this past Christmas and I am determined to do better this coming year.

The first step is for me to make a list of the people I want to make something for... and then write next to their names something that they could use or would like - that something, being something either Mike or myself could make.

The next step is to pick one person/project on the list and come up with a plan for that project.  For example, if it is a knitted item then I would need to search for a pattern and make a materials list, buy the materials if I don't already have them (although I would really love to use up my stash), and set myself a time frame to get that one project finished.  

Would you like to join me?  I am going to use one of the moleskin notebooks Abby gifted me for Christmas, and devote it to Christmas 2018 and start in on the first step.  I hope to begin on the first gift by this coming Monday.

Warm wishes,


  1. What a brilliant plan. I usually begin around July/ August, but January? I never have. I will do some thinking while visiting my daughter this week and see what I can come up with..

  2. I made several gifts this year but I hope to add a few more handmade gifts to my list. I agree a running list of names and patterns next to that name would help. I also want to find a few more gluten free recipes to add to our meals for the holidays.


    1. Yes! Mike and I have gone gluten free (mostly) since the end of the summer. Our oldest daughter is 100%. We experienced terrible cases of candida and it has resulted in us eating even more healthy than ever and feeling better than ever. I will share more on the blog.

  3. Yes! I will join you. What a great plan. I have a stash I am trying to work through. I know that if I make a list such as you suggest and gather my materials together I will be much more productive. Thanks.

  4. Sounds like a good plan!

    xo Lisa

  5. but BEAUTIFUL ones! And I love the idea of keeping a notebook and starting NOW....oh, how helpful that would be. One year a goal I had was to make at least one Christmas gift every month. Funny, it made things do-able and less frantic at Christmas and things ACTUALLY got done instead of just forgotten about but I haven't done it since then. I wonder why? I guess probably because life just seems so busy all by itself that sometimes 'Christmas presents' in June is just weird.

    Weird but smart. ;-)

    Good luck with your endeavors this year!

    1. I was hoping to have the goal of one project done per mmonth too. I hope you will share what you make. Warmly, Tonya

  6. We are similar creatures, Tonya. I just bought my 2018 knitting notebook! I always intend to begin holiday craftung early though it never happens. This is the push I need. I love this! Xoxo

  7. This sounds like a worthy project and goal.

  8. I live in Melbourne Australia and usually it's warm at Christmas time. That didn't stop me giving home knitted scarves one year to the relatives.
    other years I have given home made fresh pasta, home made chicken liver pate and regularly different varieties of home made (& this year home grown) berry jams.
    Also home made limononcello liqueur (made with duty free vodka and home grown lemons) & blackberry liqueur (aforesaid vodka & foraged blackberries).
    And one year I made home grown and home made seeded mustard. That was a labour of love sorting out the seeds from the pods, hand crushing in a mortar and pestle and mixing up different seasonings. Appreciated by all bar my father's wife who handed it back saying she had plenty of mustard!!
    Claire in Melbourne

  9. I would love to join you last xmas 2017 most of the gifts were hand made by me the ladies got twisted cowls homemade lotion bars and the men got deodorant and soap on a rope that I made. The grandchildren got books to read free with a loyalty card we belong to.