Tuesday, July 7, 2015

What We Are Up To....

Knitting ... Boothbay from Hannah Fettig's new book, Home and Away
The patterns in this book are wonderfully simple but timeless and the images are beautiful.

Painting ... Last week I began the project of painting our entire bedroom - something that has been needed since we bought our home six years ago.  So with lots of caulking to fill in the cracks, holes, etc and then a couple of coats of paint - I have painted the ceiling, walls, floors, and am finishing up the trim.

Gutting ... The two upstairs bedrooms and putting on a new roof over those bedrooms (it is about 1/3 of the house).  Because of water damage the walls have mold in them and need to be completely gutted, insulated, and sheetrocked.  The roof we will be stripping (2 layers of shingles and 1 layer of metal) and then shingling.  Since we are doing it ourselves, we should be good and tired for the next three weeks - but it is all good.

Coloring ... The children are enjoying color-by-numbers right now, simple ones for the younger ones to really detailed books for Sarah.

Enjoy this day!
Warm wishes,


  1. Lovely days, beautifully lit by that luscious golden light.

  2. Lovely pictures! Your bedroom looks fantastic! Hope the upstairs project goes smoothly!

  3. Ugh! Years ago we had to tear the entire corner off our house because of black mold and then we found that all the insulation under the floor was wet, I feel for you with all that yucky work. You will be amazed at how different your house smells when it is all gone.