Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Natural Horsemanship for Children

Sarah brought back the evergreen after a trip with Mike to gather birch.  He accidentally knocked it over when cutting down a tree.  Sarah thought it was time to add a little green inside and I agree - but just one strand of lights and no ornaments.... yet!

When I arranged for Sarah to begin horse back riding lessons, I simply called a phone number from a flyer and figured that I would use my gut feeling after the first lesson to determine if we would continue.   I know next to nothing about horses or riding.

Well, I think that God guided us to the right place because it turns out that Sarah's instructor, Stephanie Lockhart, has created Natural Horsemanship for Children, one of the first equine programs that utilize the relationship-building skills of natural horsemanship to empower children with more authentic self-worth and compassion, as well as a stronger sense of ethics and morality.  She believes that horses can help children overcome some of society's compulsive obsessions with power, materialism and celebrity.  

There is a book coming out March 3, 2015 that is all about this amazing ability of horses to help people, Riding Home, the Power of Horses to Heal by Tim Hayes.  All pre-order proceeds will benefit Stephanie's program, Natural Horsemanship for Children.  The goal is to make the program financially available to as many children as possible.  


  1. I found your comment, over on Heather's "Beauty That Moves" blog. Which I love.

    You have a beautiful and peaceful blog here, as well.

    So happy you have found this wonderful sounding program.

    It reminds me a bit, of a horse program over here in upper NYS. "War Horse" Horses and Veterans... Not the same, as one for children! But... It reminded me.

    Gentle hugs,

  2. Hello Tonya, thank you very much for sharing this. All of my children have been riding since the age of four. They learn so much from being with horses. I'm very interested in what you just wrote and I will order the book to read more on the subject.

  3. Love this! We went down a very similar path and I'm about to drive out there this morning again. It's well, well worth it!