Thursday, January 17, 2013

This Morning

I sit this morning in the quiet, amazed that it is already 7:15 and all the children are still sleeping.  The day is slowly awakening outside and I can now see that it is lightly snowing.

My coffee is almost gone and the knitting must be put down to begin our day.  But just to enjoy a couple more minutes of quiet; a gift.

Enjoy the many gifts that you are given today.
Warm wishes,


  1. What a lovely begin of the day. I hope the rest of your day will be just as wonderful.

  2. This was such a wonderful reminder to be grateful for all the little moments in my day! Thank you.

  3. Precious quiet moments in a full house! My daughter, husband and I tried your olive oil orange candle the other day, but couldn't't get it to light. It looked like such a great idea and I was looking forward to the warm glow and the orange smell, but we couldn'f get it lit. Hoping to try it again, and your recently posted oatmeal cookies as well. Thanks for sharing all these ideas!

  4. What a wonderful inspiration on life. Enjoy!!!

  5. There is something so special about those extra, unexpected quiet moments in the morning ~ I treasure them, too. And thanks for the reminder to notice and accept all the simple, easily-missed gifts. I hope your day has been filled with many more ~ Annie

  6. How wonderful. Those moments of quiet are so regenerating.

    P.S. Your little one's picture in your new banner is precious!

  7. Wonderful photo ~ so peaceful. As is your writing. I am happy you had that little bit of quiet to start your day before the busy-ness of big family life began. Blessings!

    (p.s. keeping my fingers crossed that we get a little snow tonight!) ~ Paula