Monday, October 10, 2011

Handmade Holiday - Wool Needle Felted Upcycled Hot Pot Pad

This came out fairly well, but it has given me ideas for improvement.
Let me first share what I did ~

I started with an old wool sweater that was felted (washed in hot water) and traced around a large plate to cut out a circle.

Next using a piece of wool yarn, I blanket stitched around the edge.  Then using bits of wool roving, I began needle felting a design onto the piece.

I was thinking this would be nice for a soup pot.  I am thinking, though, that when I make more, maybe I will add a design around the edges so that when a pot is on top, the design is still visible.

I look forward to all of the sharing!
Please leave a note in your comment with ideas and links.

I have made this little button if you want to add it to your blog and please link it here.

Blessings and warm wishes,


  1. oh how beautiful! although I would want to *hang* this in my kitchen and not actually use it!

  2. That is beautiful!


  3. Oh! Such a cute bird! Thanks again for hosting this for 2011. Adn thanks for the button - I will be adding to my blog :)

    The fun that I am working on can be found at :

  4. That is beautiful, and doubly so because you've given old things a new life!

  5. Tonya, I LOVE this. I was anxiously awaiting to see what you did with a recycled sweater- as you know I love to remake sweaters!
    I'll be hopefully doing a little handmade post later today.

  6. I love it and also the idea to put a design around the edge. Gosh, this would make such a great gift for so many people.

  7. It's beautiful! I just love the little bird you added to the hot pad!

  8. It's beautiful. I wouldn't use it for soup -might spill some and stain it. I would use it just to be beautiful :) We're having a mostly handmade Christmas this year, though I've been working on it all year. I'm actually almost finished. Looking forward to see what else you come up with.

  9. Oh, cleverness! I need to do up new potholders for myself, and gifts as well, and recycling felted wool sweaters would be a lovely spot to start. Thanks for sharing this!

  10. Tonya, your soup pad is beautiful, too pretty to use. What a fabulous idea. I know so many who would reasure such a gift.

    Thank you for hosting Handmade Holiday 2011. I can't wait to see what others are making.

    Blessings, Elizabeth

  11. that's wonderful! what a great idea.

    so glad to hear things are going well for you all, with your new sweet baby.

    i'm trying to steal creative moments here and there - working on our fall nature table now, hope to help my daughter work on a simple beginner embroidery project as a gift - will blog about it and comment in then.

  12. What a great idea! I might have to make one for myself.

    Here's a post on what we've already begun in our home

  13. Tonya I love it! Such a great idea. I love coming up with fun things to do with old sweaters. My handmade this week also comes from felted sweaters.
    Thanks so much for hosting, what a great incentive.

  14. Love it!
    Count us in again this year for handmade holiday. I need to finish up my Halloween knitting before I can start my Christmas gift list ;)

  15. It's wonderful! I might take your lead, though I'm not great with felting yet.

  16. That is really pretty.

    I've finished one sweater and started the second.
    Cast on the tube socks but didn't like the way they were going.

    I will post a photo update on Wednesday.

  17. I love this! I used an old fisherman's knit sweater last year to create a tea cozy and I would love to make a few trivets like this to go with it. There is something so wonderful about putting out something handmade on the dinner table. Useful and beautiful!

  18. this is such a great idea...I do believe I will be doing this craft for a gift!! Thanks for sharring:-)
    Also added your button to my blog and here is a link to one of our homemade gift posts..

  19. You are so talented and creative. That is beautiful!

  20. Just wanted to let you know that one of your items from last January (the branch reading manipulatives) inspired my gift tags for this year. I have sliced a few branches of different sizes and am going to burn in the initial of the gift recipient. I have drilled little holes in the tops for a piece of yarn to tie into a bow. I am thinking about painting some too, for the gift tags on the teacher's cookies.

  21. I'd love to be added to you Homemade Holiday list for this year, Tonya. I have put your sweet little button on my blog, and I will be writing a post about it later today.

  22. This is too lovely to mess up in the kitchen! But what could be more full of love and care under food? I;d love to join in Handmade Holiday 2011.

  23. Tonya, found you through Lee Ann ( and hope to join you in your Handmade Holiday: I'll put your button on my blog too! Your pot holder is ultra-sweet xx