Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rummage Sale Vintage Embroidery Finds

Yesterday Dear Husband, Emmy and I travelled out in the morning to go to a rummage sale.  The ride was just gorgeous as the colors are still beautiful as we road over the mountain.

It was a church sale I had been to before and knew that it would be worthwhile.  ended up with many pieces of clothing for the family, some bed sheets, baskets, a butter dish, books,   and these beautiful hand embroidered linens - all for $14.00.

I love imagining the women who sat and made each of these and all of the time and care that went into each piece.  I hope to make the time to do some of my own to perhaps become family heirlooms.

Enjoy your day today - it is a beautiful warm sunny day here in northern Vermont.
Warm wishes and blessings,

Some Notes -
~ Tomorrow is the Handmade Holiday post.  I have an upcycled wool project to share.
~ I have had several questions about the pattern for the knit baby pants.  I altered the one from Vintage Knits for Modern Babies just a bit, and will share it on Wednesday


  1. it is gorgeous here today too! love the vintage linens...what a wonderful find.

    lisa q
    stitching under oaks

  2. beautiful!! they really are very pretty and a great find!

  3. Sounds like a beautiful day. And so so so beautiful are those embroideries! I look forward to stitching away as we head into slower months.
    Enjoy your sunshine. We already had snow!
    Love, Renee

  4. Wow, what gorgeous items to find at a sale. Looking forward to your Handmade Holiday post. Best wishes :)

  5. What beautiful embroidery you found...I am a bit covetous I must admit. Hope you are enjoying this lovely fall weather we are having.

  6. wonderful items have you found!!!!!

  7. Oh I love these! I am lucky to have some of my grandma's embroidery still. These pieces so remind me of them. Great score!