Monday, October 31, 2011

Handmade Holiday - 2011 - Knit Hat and Felt Hearts

I finished Mike's hat.  Nolan tried it on for size and it fits pretty well, but I think for the rest of the boys' hats I will just cast on 88 stitches.

Sarah worked on some more hearts this past week for our advent heart basket.

Looking forward to reading about some ideas to get started on a new Christmas project this week.

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  1. love those hearts, they are adorable. i posted here

  2. The hearts are so sweet! I think my children would like to make some... The hat looks wonderful as well! I am working on some easy knitted gifts right now:

  3. The hat is lovely and so are the hearts:)

  4. The hat is beautiful and the hearts are so cute! So lovely to have the whole family involved :)

    You can see our handmade fun at

  5. This week I am working on my Christmas cards. I have cut spruce branches out of felt and sewn them onto card stock. This week I am making a small ornament out of glass beads to attach to the front of the card "hanging" from the evergreen branch.
    During "secret making" time, I will be working on the ancient game "Shut the Box" for my children. I have sliced small wooden rectangles out of a leftover piece of oak from a kitchen renovation and this week I will wood burn in the numbers.

  6. We have a tutorial for a simple kids stocking stuffer over at Simply Livin today:

    Thanks for hosting this Tonya! You can put us on the list--I'm going to try an be a regular Mon, contributor.

    Enjoy your snow! My siblings are sooo jealous. ;)


  7. the advent heart basket sounds pretty interesting....did you tell about that in one of your posts? Have a wonderful week! (oh and it goes without saying that I LOVE the knitted hat...but I just couldn't not say it!)

  8. The hat is lovely, Tonya- I love the simplicity of it. I also love the rustic natural colors you often choose. :) I'll try and get together a handmade holidays post for next week.

  9. Love those hearts! What a great idea, I've been so busy I haven't had time to post, I must keep it before I run out of time.

  10. What pretty things! My handmade Christmas post is here: