Sunday, October 30, 2011

It felt like Christmas morning in our house this morning

(Sorry about the blurry picture - I took it through our window inside)

As Mike, Emmy and I were still resting in bed this morning, at about 6:45 (Sundays we get up a just a bit later than the rest of the week), we could hear the children saying - "There is snow!, Snow!"  Oh the excitement.

Right after breakfast, the winter clothing hunt began.  I had just sorted through the hats and mittens yesterday but had not pulled out snow pants and snow boots.   Then outside for a time - tracking, throwing snowballs, and just laying down in the snow.

To be joyful  like children on the morning of the first snowfall! - something to strive for.

Blessings to all and warm wishes for a peaceful Sunday,


  1. Aww that's so exciting! There's nothing like the first snowfall of the year through the eyes of children. :) We're still waiting on ours... I don't mind waiting either! :) If it weren't for the younger kids, I think I could wait forever. ;)


  2. You got the snow!!! We got none here, though were very hopeful.

  3. oh... lovely. we are sat with our back door wide open at the mo as the autumn frost has not yet reached us in our part of the UK. soon i hope!

  4. I always love the first morning that has that "Christmas feel" to it!! We had one last week, and now I can't wait for the holiday season to start!

  5. Yes, so many of our friends in the northeast had a sprinkling this weekend! We're jealous, though we know northern Idaho's time will come soon -- with a vengeance!

  6. Happy Snow! How beautiful. We got none here in the"banana belt" ~ no bananas either, it's cold.

  7. We got enough too thanks ! And tomorrow, schools closed , no power!

  8. I live in a part of Australia that never gets snow, so I have never experienced it.
    It's hard to imagine as, at the moment, we are having a very warm spring season.

  9. I can't wait until it finally snows here in Finland!