Monday, June 6, 2011

Simple Joys

~watching Abraham and Sarah feed the goats~

~strawberry blossoms~

~blueberry blossoms~

~Abe lead me to the chives to show me the bumblebee and as he held my hand he sang his own version of "Over in the Meadow" - something like
"Over in the meadow in the garden
lived a mother bumblebee and her babies... sting said the mama we sting said the bees....

What simple joys are you enjoying?

Warm wishes,  Tonya


  1. Today my joy will be pulling, washing and canning carrots. I am so thankful they grew
    this year ...our first time getting them to
    grow. We worked so hard getting the ground
    prepared it's nice to have something to show
    for all the work.

  2. These simple joys are simply beautiful. And I LOVE that rendition of the song!


  3. How lovely and I love the song! The children look so happy!

  4. Lovely - especially the bumble bee. I wrote a similarly themed post yesterday. It is good to count our blessings in this way.

  5. such sweetness....we're enjoying our tiny little garden and the blooms of our flowers. my little guy and I went strolling around the yard today looking at everything. That's a huge blessing because he's 9 and every moment is precious.

  6. I am loving the simple joy of just going outside. No boots, no snowsuits..just sandals and a sunhat.

  7. There's nothing like experiencing the world through a child's eyes. Beautiful! Here I am enjoying the clouds in the evening rays of the sun.

  8. Very joyful indeed. My chives do not look like yours - guess my learning curve with sowing is a little more bent than I would like.

    Wonder if there are goats in my future - that sure did look inspiring.

    Much love and light, Nicole

  9. Hello Tonya

    So nice to visit today . I have not posted in a while and thought I better before I become too rusty at this. So nice to see your Spring emerging into Summer. I have blueberries and have not seen them bloom yet. I hope they do in Spring. Life looks warm from where I sit.

    Love to you

  10. Tonya...What a beautiful thing you have going on over there! Those kids, both kinds, are so sweet. But that song is wonderful. Simply wonderful.
    xo Jules

  11. Hey Mum!
    Don't you mean fedding the "goatses"?
    Haha I miss you all!