Thursday, March 26, 2015


It can be so easy to get discouraged -
-there is still so much snow
-it is still so cold
-our house's roof desperately needs to be replaced
-our car's engine went and we need to buy a new old car
-a mild flu is making it's way through our family
-Mike has to have another operation, this time to remove a lump in his throat

Or I can be choose to be encouraged -
-the wet snow is great for sculpting and building and it really is melting
-before everything melts, I still have time for knitting
-we are working on a refinance mortgage with cash out so that we can put on a new roof
-the new old car we are planning to buy on Saturday morning is a Honda Odyssey minivan which will be much better on gas mileage than our old Suburban
-I am thankful that the flu many of us have had is a mild one
-the lump in Mike's throat is only a cyst

For today, I choose to rest in the Lord and be encouraged, knowing that His hand is in everything.


  1. A lovely post... remembering our blessings amongst the tough times and knowing things could always be worse. Sending good thoughts to your family that all goes well. Your goat is adorable! Hoping to get some in the near future here on our little homestead we are starting :-) Blessings! Jill

  2. Thank you so much for the lovely reminder that is is all about perspective and considering it all joy. I pray that Mike's surgery and recovery goes smoothly, you get that refinance money and you get a fantastic price on a new roof and the new old vehicle runs amazingly! Hope everyone is feeling better.

  3. Hope is definitely the antidote to discouragement. We just got a used Honda Odyssey last year and they are great! with one caveat - the transmission is prone to go sometime before 130,000 ish miles. We just paid $3600 to get it rebuilt, so if I can spare you that heartache keep it in mind when asking the questions.
    Prayers for your husbands surgery.

  4. Our Lord never gives us more than we can handle. Your attitude to see the blessings, will keep you looking to Him during his time. My prayers are with you.

  5. I love how you changed your list, it's really inspiring.

  6. Your turning your thoughts around is really inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Good for you!

    As a Mom, I have to say that you picked a good vehicle since our son is an quality engineer on the Odyssey. :)

    We are in the middle of a roof mess here too and have a humpy rotten part on the street side which looks really bad to the whole neighborhood. There is always something with old houses.

    I am so glad to hear that the lump is a cyst!

  8. I love your list!! We just refinanced our home too.. I hated to do it but we only had one credit card and it was high interest. Now our payment and interest is lower plus we should have it paid off sooner! My mom went into the hospital last week the doctors said she had been losing blood for over 22 years. She had 28 polyps removed from her colon. We just found out that at least one of them had cancer. She has a chest and stomach X-ray on Saturday. The doctor said he believes he did get all the cancer but just wants to make sure everything is clear of cancer. God has been so faithful to us..I can't say I haven't been scared but I know that He is incontrol : )

    I am so glad everything is going well with Mike and your daughter. I will keep him in prayer with his throat. Its going to be colder tomorrow snow showers..ugh.. it will soon be warmer : ) Hugs!!

  9. I love how you look at all of your blessing and look over your burdens!!! You are truly blessed!!!


  10. Thank you for sharing--so true...for all of change our perspective like that. Thinking of your family. <3

  11. It is times like these there are only one set of footprints in the your case snow? We still have snow but I saw a green iris leaf poking through. April is almost here, hang in there!

  12. So encouraging! I struggle with viewing things from the negative slant. Thank you for sharing.