Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A New England Yarn Journey :: Gotland Wool Company

I want to introduce you to another Vermont Fiber Farm - Grandview Farm located in Washington, Vermont.  

 Kim has been a long time shepherdess, but recently welcomed Vermont's first flock of Gotland Sheep to her farm.  You can meet some of them here and learn more about the history of Gotland Sheep.    

They have curly, lustrous, silky wool.   I purchased a skein of worsted weight in Mist from her shop, Gotland Wool Company.   The yarn is such a beautiful silver gray color and super soft.  I am enjoy knitting a baby bonnet with this gorgeous yarn.    It is more expensive, at $17.00 for 2 oz - but the joy of working with it is worth it.  

I am learning more and more about the costs and care that go into owning a flock of sheep and truly, if yarn is cheap, you really do need to wonder.

You can listen to a podcast from a couple of weeks ago at Woolful, where Kim was a featured guest.

Woolful podcasts are my new absolute favorite podcast.  I get so giddy each time I listen to the interviews with other fiber enthusiasts and am researching where the entire process of sheep to wool might fit into our family's future.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing our farm and Gotland wool with your readers! The Gotland fiber is fabulous to work with, very light and delicate with such a lovely drape. I hope you enjoy knitting with your skein of yarn! What a precious baby bonnet it will make! I have just one correction-our farm, VT Grand View Farm, is located in Washington, VT. Perhaps once our Gotland babies are born, you will have to come for a visit!!

    1. Sorry about that Kim - I knew it was Washington, I just wasn't thinking when I typed the post - I look forward to visiting your farm this summer!
      I am so loving knitting with the Gotland yarn! What a treat.

  2. I am eagerly awaiting my CSA share of wool from VT Grandview Farm. I grew up in VT and try whenever I can to still 'buy Vermont first' even though I live far away. Thanks for the preview of what is going to show up in the mail soon.

  3. I have been hoping to come across some Gotland lambs to add to my little flock!! Their wool is amazing, yes, and they are also beautiful sheep. Have you ever worked with Finnsheep wool? It is also very soft; My sweet Woolly Pippin feels like a ball of silk, but he won't let me hug him; He's too macho!