Thursday, February 13, 2014

Practicing Gratitude

So even when going through a bit of a rough patch, I work hard to practice gratitude.
It may not get me back to where I want to be right away, but it will often do the trick
for the moment.

So as I went through my day yesterday I made myself look for things to be thankful for - 

- creative children 
-Abby baking macarons
- tea
- an amazingly beautiful blue sky
- our small man made (from when our basement was dug out) hill that provides a place to sled
- sweet ducks (just watching them makes me feel happy)
- an artisan well that has an overflow into the pond which gives the ducks a place to swim year round
- dead trees that will give us enough firewood to get through this very cold winter
- encouraging and supportive blog friends, thank you


  1. If Abby made me a bunch of them cookies, I'd be practicing gratitude, too!

  2. I often stop my kids (when things aren't going just right, or there is fighting, or when I am having a hard time) and ask them to list 5 things they are thankful for... then I join in and it helps us all to pause and regroup, in a way.

    Love all of your photos and moments and hope things are going well for you. Spring is coming... ;)

  3. Love the picture of the chicken in the shovel! Glad that you took the time to realize all that you do have to be thankful for. If you ever want to join in, every Tuesday I write a Thankful Tuesday post and welcome other bloggers to share their posts. We get so wrapped up in our day to day lives, that sometimes it takes intentional mindfulness to acknowledge the good things that are happening.

  4. Tonya,
    Oh, so many hugs and love to you right now! We are in a deep struggle ourselves these days, and so my heart fully goes out to you. I hope that time will bring you answers, and I know you will find the next piece to your path - it can be awfully hard to wait and not know, and very hard to juggle everything. Wish we could have a cup of tea together and share some tears and laughter - maybe someday we will!

  5. Your blessings are wonderful. I love seeing your ducks, mine would be thrilled with the snow, but we only had rain and ice here on the coast of SC.

  6. I love that photo of the chicken getting a ride in a sled. Your blog is beautiful.

  7. And as I sit here I realize I am grateful to have you as a friend. You might not have know you were my friend, but Happy St. Valentine's Day surprise, you are :-)

  8. I liked how you phrased the first line, that even though the practice of gratitude does not immediately get you to where you want to go, it helps in the moment. Beautifully said.