Monday, September 20, 2010

Handmade Holiday

This is really fun and inspiring to see what everyone is making for their holiday gifts.

Here are more from those joining in ~

Valarie from A Place Like This shares a little of her plans and her first project.

A planning and idea list  from Kris of The Chaotic Crafter.

Lots of knitting projects from Blue Skies and Dragonflies.

Rachel from At the Butterfly Ball shares her progress with her Waldorf doll and some wooden figures she has been making.

A gift for children to make ~

from Sippy Cup Central, using your scrap paper, children can make their own paper - it could be shaped inside a cookie cutter to become an ornament or to embellish a card

I came across this blog and thought that making pillowcases might be a great gift for boys and teenage boys.

Leave a comment to share and if you wanted to be added to the list here.

Warm wishes, Tonya


  1. I am loving all of these projects. I already have a cowl and fingerless mitts on my list. This is very fun seeing what folks are doing! Thanks for sharing and for getting us all motivated Tonya! Peace, Angela

  2. This is such a wonderful series, giving us all inspiration and delight! Thank you for sharing the ideas!

  3. My teen boy received a homemade pillowcase as a Christmas gift 4 years ago, and he uses it still.

  4. I am so inspired to join..once I get a few other projects out of the way x

  5. I am planning on making all of my holiday gifts as well - trying to get some ideas together so I don't make everyone dishcloths. Again!

  6. Hello. Just came across your blog. Your stuff is really cool. Come check out mine sometime if you'd like. :)

  7. This is so inspiring - thank you dear creative mama! I had a quick thought just the other day that I must start thinking about ideas for gifts. Yes, I am inspired to join. I have a wonderful boy turning 8 very, very soon and after that can turn my attention to this.
    Best wishes

  8. The gloves are very pretty. Are they done in the Morning Mitts pattern? They look like the pair I did with some of my handspun corriedale, done in that pattern.

  9. What an inspiring thing to do! I want to join and need to figure out how to make your badge appear on my site. But I'm inspired! Thanks so much for bringing this together.

  10. All the knitting! SO glad I am not alone!
    Here is my knitting project for a holiday gift...just one of these is enough for me this year...(I'm a SLOW knitter sometimes!)

  11. I love to make little treasures for my boys, either knitted or felted. Or simple things that are gathered from the outdoors. Most of their gifts of handmade or homemade. Wonderful inspiration for all families.