Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Outside

Our pond overflows to this little concrete area and Abraham and Sarah decided to see if they could make a little pool area.

We gathered sod clumps to try and keep the water from flowing out.

Sarah still wearing her pearls with her bathing suit.

Abraham having a snack on the porch - he often wears two or three baseball caps at once.  When I ask him why, he replies, "To keep the the sun off of me better."

A shelter to provide a bit of shade and pretend play.

What is going on in your yard?

Warm wishes,


  1. I love that they tried to make a pool! It is something my brother and I would have done when we were younger. My yard is completely crazy right now, weeds are taking over my garden (it seems early this year), and then there is all the wood that needs to be put on the chicken coop spread about :-)

  2. Wondering if I can come over and play? Looks like a wonderful way to spend a summers day.

  3. I love that your daughter wears "pearls" with her swimming suit...she must be a regular June Cleaver in the making. Looks like lots of summer fun.

  4. Oh my, I love the shelter, what a great tent. Love the way that you are celebrating the warmer months.

  5. I love your backyard! Your beautiful kiddos must just love to play outside! It's so sweet that they tried to make a pool. I love your blog :)

  6. "To keep the sun off me better." Genius!

  7. Ha Ha! I have a picture on my blog of my son wearing more than one hat at once when he was a bit older than your son. He did that a lot too. :) Funny boys.

  8. Oh, I love the wisdom and charm of littleboy speak - to keep the sun off me better - priceless!

  9. I have a boy who likes to wear multiple pairs of socks and underwear. :)
    I love this peek at summertime fun!