Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Sarah's new hair cut.

Abraham playing in a "fort" of scrap wood beside the barn.

Sarah pushing Abraham on a tricycle we found at recycling.  Oh, what a beautiful day it was yesterday!

And we celebrated Mike's 45th birthday.  Notice the duct taped paper bags for gift wrapping from the children:)


  1. That bike is in GREAT condition for being found at recycling. We have the same one. Its gone through 3 kids and it does not look the bright anymore. :) Good score!

  2. Love that sweet haircut! Happy Birthday to your hubby!

  3. Tonya...That picture of Sarah is so utterly beautiful and joyful ~ nothing "plain" about that!
    xo Jules

  4. many happy returns of such a wonderful birthday!
    Dear Mike, warmth, health , sunshine, a happy familiy life and a financial pillow to sleep on, thats what I wish to you and your dear family.

  5. Oh Tonya, what a sweet haircut! And a happy birthday to Mike, I love the duct taped gifts. Is there anything duct tape isn't good for?
    Also wanted to tell you, I changed my blog to:
    Hope you're enjoying this weather! Love, Melanie

  6. Beautiful pictures! Happy birthday to Mike!