Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Organized Play Areas

On my to-do list this week was to organize some areas for the younger children.

This is the kitchen and doll area.

This is the dress-up area.

To complete the rainbow silk set, I was lacking a blue and green silk (through the organization process, I weeded out all of the silks with holes in them).  With just one blank silk, I decided to dye it green, and how could I make a dye bath and just dye one silk?  So, I added a skein of Peace Fleece as well.  The picture doesn't show the greens in yarn too well.  But it they both came out with a nice mixture of shades.


  1. Love the green. Looks like fun spaces for the children!


  2. it's great getting all that stuff checked off your list isn't it?

    for some reason, your blog won't let me leave a comment while I'm signed in...it always makes me re-sign in and if I check the stay signed in box it makes me anonymous....any idea why?

    Lisa Q - stitching under oaks

  3. wheeeeee...i just love looking at other's play areas!!! how sweet! :):) much love and well wishes to you, friend:)

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