Monday, August 24, 2009

Family Weekend and Birthbday Wishes

We had a very successful trip to Massachusetts on Friday. Our old clunker made it without a hitch. We were very thankful.

Saturday we travelled down to my Mom's in northeast Connecticut for a family gathering. My Nana and friend were up from Florida and my uncle and his friend were visiting from Japan. My sister and her family, my "brother" Frank and his wife, and a few other close family members spent the day laughing, swimming, catching up and filming. Yes, filming.... Our two oldest sons shot a sequel to "Attack of the Killing Hummingbird". What a joyous time!!!

(You can view their films at under impact33 - I have never done this online but for those of you that are familiar with utube.....)

And, I had a special surprise - a beautiful homebaked birthday cake and a wonderful rendition of Happy Birthday to me - my fortieth is on Friday.

We are now home safe and sound. Bread is baking, zucchini is waiting to be shredded for chocolate zucchini cake and the week of homeschool planning is awaiting my final thoughts.

Have a joyous day. I like to think of Monday as the day of new beginnings. I have always liked Mondays because of all the new possibilities the new week brings.


  1. I love Monday's too! A fresh, new week ahead of me! Like turning the page on the calendar!

  2. Hope you had a great Monday. I like the way a chocolate zuchinni cake sounds. Happy Birthday too! Forty is a great age!