Sunday, January 6, 2019

Christmas 2018

It was a wonderful Christmas!  Our son and his wife that live in Virginia, came to stay with us for five nights, including Christmas day.  Oh, the anticipation for their arrival (we hadn't seen them for over a year), the joy of having them visit, and then the sadness as they departed.  Although, I felt sad that we wouldn't see them for awhile, it was good to see that they seemed happy and are enjoying their life in Virginia.   We now live just 50 minutes from our oldest son, so he was with us as well.   Moving back to Vermont and seeing him somewhat regularly again has been such a gift.  Our other five children are all still living at home.

Some of Mike's family came to visit on Christmas Eve.  My Mom and step-father came from Connecticut to spend Christmas day with us and my father came the day after Christmas.  Such a busy time for this introvert but so worth it!

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