Tuesday, February 6, 2018

February Already!

While members of our family have been taking turns getting sick since shortly after mid January, that has not stopped the ambitions of spring from bringing bright thoughts about all the hopeful plans ahead.

The light is returning and with it eggs!  The twelve, 2-day old chicks we received last August are now laying.  In addition, our older girls, 15 in total, are picking up their production as well.  We hope to be able to sell 5 dozen per week and still have about 3 dozen for ourselves which would mean that we would be getting our eggs for free.   We have found a wonderful source for our grain.  A local Amish farmer makes his own - he sources all GMO free grains and then grinds them himself into a formula that works well for his 1800 layers!  So we are blessed to be able to buy from him.  With this feed, even in the winter, their yolks are nice and orange.

By the way, all our chickens have names (thanks to Sarah) and they live out their entire natural lives with us, well fed, loved and sheltered.

As far as the handmade holiday 2018 (#handmadeholiday2018) I don't have much progress to show, today, but I am almost done with Mike's first sock.  I have also been working on some other knitting including a sweater for Emily, which after working on several different sizes, am hoping to publish the pattern.

I gave in and bought my first flowers this winter.  When I go food shopping I generally try really hard to walk by the flower section - I love flowers!  I did really well, but it seems that each February, I give in.  I bought that little pot of begonias at the grocery store on Friday and it was worth the tiny investment to add a little beauty to our living room.

January was a really hard month for us financially.  Having a retail online business means that sales fluctuate quite a bit, but this January was slower than previous Januaries.  However, it is a great lesson about being even more conscious of using what we have, making do, and also formulating a plan so that we don't get ourselves in such a situation again next January.  (Like saving money!)  I know I have shared in the past, but while our life may sound idyllic to some, there are extreme give and takes.  However, even when we are on the brink of considering a job or a move, our hearts stay firm in this life and secure in the knowledge that God has always provided, we have always had healthy food, and our children, although I worry we aren't doing enough for them, they will tell you they are very happy right here.


  1. I wish we lived close enough to buy our eggs from you! January was so busy that I only finished knitting some little animals to gift to a new friend who sent me some Wendell Berry books recently. Iris' 3rd birthday is coming up in mid-March and I still have no idea what she will be getting. We do fairly minimal gifts, but last year I knit her a sweater and matching crown (not that she remembers) so I really want to continue the trend of making her something special to wear throughout the year :)

  2. I am sorry to hear you are having a hard time. But I love your optimistic view on life. I am like this too, and usually trust the decisions we make for our family, and we manage to get through the ups and downs. This is our first winter with chickens and we have had fresh eggs daily, not as many as in summer of course, but since we need to heat the coop and provide light due to the darkness and cold temperatures the ladies are happy to lay two or three eggs a day (we have 10 hens). On the handmade holiday note, I did knit my husband a hat for his birthday last week, but otherwise I am knitting my Find your fade shawl as I am usually quite tired after all day writing my thesis and take comfort in the simple patter.