Tuesday, August 5, 2014

This Past Week

Last week we took a "daycation" to go to Woodstock, Vermont and meet my father to pick up Abby and Sarah who had been staying at both my mother's and father's houses the previous week and a half in Connecticut and Massachusetts.  I always enjoy visiting Woodstock.  Wednesday evening was also the time for the farmers' market on the green.

(Trying to keep her awake on the ride home.)

We have mostly been home this summer keeping up on our business and homestead.

(I know I have shared here before how Isaac finds things at recycling.  One of his latest claims is this projector.  He hooks it up to his laptop and is able to watch a large "screen" on a wall.  He used it for his birthday camp out by hanging a sheet on the side of our house.  The picture is of him holding one of the three lenses to his mouth.  He took them out to clean them.)

The garlic is in and Abby and I tried to braid some it.

This week I am helping with Vacation Bible School so I feel a little tired.  I have a hard time with a room full of children going this way and that - God must have laughed when he gave me a big family as I really need my quiet time.  But, it is good to be stretched sometimes.

In addition, I am trying to finish our end of the year homeschool assessments and plans for the next year.  I have been researching lots about meeting the state requirements while being more of an unschooling family and am finally feeling like it is possible to do both.


  1. Lovely - and yes, certain kinds of garlic (hard neck) are just hard to braid and work better in bunches tied at the top. I know from bitter experience, well not that bitter! Anyway, I was wondering if you would ever share a bit about your transition to unschooling and if you would be willing to write how to make that work with VT HS regs. I know people who do it, but it always is mysterious to me!

  2. Beautiful. Love the garlic braids!
    I just got my assessment letter back from the local school system (what a relief!), and am busily planning for next year, too. Glad to hear you're finding your path more possible :)

  3. Beautiful family! We love chicken cuddles too..sadly wonder what im doing wrong with my garlic it just doesnt grow..we also home educate. , love your posts hunni x