Saturday, August 30, 2014

No Vacation

Our family just returned from a three-day mini vacation that really turned out to not be much of a vacation at all.  You know I thought it would be "good for us" to all get away for a few days, away from our business, the daily work the homestead demands.

While certainly there were many enjoyable moments, what I realized most, is that our daily life is where I find my rest and my joy, right here at home.

I don't think I am the only one in our family that feels this, I think each of our children are more than content right here.   They assure me that my fears of their lives being boring or that they are not being exposed to enough of the "real world" are unfounded.  It made me smile that when we went by a very simple water fountain on our vacation that Abraham thought it was the coolest thing because in his six short years of life, he really hasn't seen a lot more than our rural landscape.

I look at each day as one to embrace, to find enjoyment, to engage my body in the physical work - my senses in the daily cooking preparations and the beauty all around us.  I work to find a little magic in each day right here on our little homestead.  The older I get (I turned 45 this past Thursday) the more joy I find in the ordinary and the more that each day feels like a vacation right here at home.


  1. Yes, yes, yes! A couple of nights ago as hubby and I flopped into bed, both having put in a "hard" day here on the ol' homestead, I told him that there was nowhere else I would rather be. Not "on vacation" far from home or even living what others would call an easier life. True, I am a homebody but it's what suits me.

    1. Yes, it is what suits me too - surely not for everyone. Although, I can imagine that a day will come when I will want to do some traveling - but right now is not the time.

  2. There really is no place like home... It is nice to get away but so much better to come home.. When you have your young family about the place and there is laughter then nothing can replace it.. I miss my children being home and although they are your age and have been gone quite some time I still miss having them home.. But a cottage by the sea is wonderful, too but when it is time to go home then it is time to go home.. smile.. Sorry I have been missing for a bit.. Should all return to normal soon.. xo

  3. I love this, Tonya- and it is so true for us as well!
    Happy Birthday!

  4. Oh, I totally agree! I sometimes get the urge to take a trip, but always always find it much more work than rest, and am always so relieved to be home again! At this point, other than to visit family, I actually only travel to be reminded of how good home is :)

  5. Since we bought our homestead 10 years ago I've become a complete homebody!!!! I don't care to go anywhere if I don't have to. I worry sometimes about the things that my children are out of touch with because we don't GO. But i'm hoping and praying that it's the best path. Now if we could just get hubby to be home full time too.......

  6. I'm with you. I would rather cook a simple meal and eat it in our screen porch than go to a fancy restaurant any day. We do own a 1/12 share in a house on a lake in a little backwater town and we go there 4 times a year but it is even more quiet and restful than home. No crowds and hoopla for me!