Monday, August 18, 2014

Give Them Time

We spend so much time at home - with one another. 
Day in and day out... for the most part.
Our business is at home, no bringing the children to public institutions during the school year, very few outside organized classes or sports.

We do not all get along well all the time.  I spend time each day acting as mediator.  My guess is, though, that if they can negotiate their days with these same six people than they are probably learning how to problem-solve and how to compromise.

I think because they have so must time just to "be", to choose how to spend their time, to be bored (in our family if someone says they are bored, someone else will say - "if you're bored, that means your boring") which allows them time to think of possibilities.  Because they have so much time, my guess is that each of our children are developing a secure sense of themselves (something that took me 40 years to develop).  They don't have their teachers influencing them or measuring their abilities according to the prescribed developmental framework of the day.

They also don't have peers influencing them to conform or to be a certain way.  

This, our life, while it isn't without struggles and is far from perfect - gives each of our children time - and this may possibly be one of the most precious gifts we can give them.


  1. I can only agree. I love the "If you're bored" phrase! Much better than "I'll give you something to do!

  2. I always say this to my children as well. Great wisdom and great blog! I just nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog! TO find out more please go to my blog, and read all about the award and me! Cannot wait to learn more about you!

  3. When someone is bored here, someone says "good, now you can get creative" . It does children the world of good being bored at times, far to many are rushed from one activity to another, any time in between is spent in front of a screen of some kind. I wish homeschooling was an option here, l believe what you are giving them through homeschooling is of great value. I strongly dislike the rigid school system where children are expected to fit into a certain mould or else they figure there must be something wrong with the child. Someone said "we are born individuals and die copies". Sadly, school plays a big part here l believe. Pam

  4. totally using "if you're bored, you are boring!"

  5. A wonderful way to bring up your children... xo

  6. Dear Tonya, we too spend almost all of our time together at home and I sometimes feel discouraged when my (home schooled) children are not getting along, though I know deep down that it is all normal and can be healthy. Thanks for the reminder! I think I will go back to read this post on those days!