Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Good Life

(Pictures courtesy of Isaac)

Yesterday was one of those days where all was well.

The sky was blue, the air warm, the snow melting.

For the most part I think our family lives a pretty idealistic life.  I mean we get along for the most part, truly love one another and usually enjoy being around  each other.   We have a cozy house (yes it needs tons of work, some of it very important like a roof in really bad shape), a business that allows us to be together and thus far has modestly supported us, at least our true needs and a little extra. 

Sometimes as I bask in the glow of my family, the deep love I feel, I wonder if I am being selfish.  I can't help but think of the children that don't even have a pillow to lay their head down at night or may not have received one hug all day.

I then find myself wondering some more if the good life can't be too good.  Is it ok to be insulated, to be safe, to be well fed when so many are not?  I don't think we should not have shelter or food or live without love - no - I don't mean that at all.  But I keep praying if God wants something more from me, something more from our family, if we might have some more to give if only for the one reason that we are capable of doing so.


  1. Looks like a pretty day. Just be happy for what you do have. :)

  2. Issac's photos are wonderful....the drip is amazing! <3

  3. Issac's photos are wonderful...the drip is amazing ! <3

  4. Being open to what God might have for you and being willing to share of the abundant blessings you enjoy...what a wonderful place to be! I feel much the same way from day to day.

  5. Deep thoughts and ones that lots of us, at least me have. Isaac's pictures are amazing. Be happy for what you have. We need to help where we can but we are also allowed to have happiness along with it.

  6. Those are some great pictures! Kudos to Isaac!
    God wants our hearts. And so when we live with gratitude, appreciating His blessing in the big and little glorifies Him. We can be grateful in hard times and in easy times. Hard times WILL come, as will easier times. I continually ask God to guard my heart and mind, and to keep me in His will.
    I agree 100 percent with Betsy's words.