Saturday, July 13, 2013

Not Going It Alone

We just had such wonderful visitors over the last two days that I am looking at our little homestead and family through different lenses.

I am also realizing that families weren't meant to do this whole parenting thing on their own.  I mean it really seems that we were meant to live in a community - even a small one that might be comprised of multi-generations with grandparents, an aunt and uncle.  Or maybe with some other families (with whatever make-up that may be - single, couples, with or without children).

Each of us has been given such a unique set of gifts.  You may not even realize what those gifts are.  It could be as simple as reading books to a child, sharing stories of one's life, a gentle voice of support, a home baked pie - or more tangible gifts such as music, knowledge, or a specific skill.  We each have something to share.  These gifts are not meant to be kept to ourselves. 

  God has blessed each of us and as human beings I think we have an innate desire to interact with one another, to commune with each other - to form community.   

This is a challenge and one that I want to embrace and develop in our family's life, right here on our remote little homestead.


  1. Lovely post Tonya

    In the past families were more close knit-and people had to rely on each other more for survival

    We all need each other thats for sure -and we are by our very nature social creatures

    I am in awe at how much God blesses us with gifts and as you say these should be shared


  2. We have neighbors but not ones that we talk with everyday just a way hi every now and again...our daughters don't have friends that live near by because there are not teenagers even near us....we do have family! I feel so blessed to have our family that we can see....and our friends from church. I think community is important but it is so hard to find others that are liked mind...

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


  3. Tonya, This article - about family and faith, really got Damien and I talking this week. The third comment down especially really spoke to us. We would like to live communally with our grown children, to share familial responsibilities through all the stages with them. This is kind of what you are talking about here. I don't believe we're meant to go it alone.

  4. I agree 1000%. I've been doing a lot of thinking on this too, and am working to build a little community of people with similar ways about them here too. Building a little community is so much harder than it looks, and so very important. Have a wonderful weekend

  5. Not sure if my last comment came through because I do not see it. Sorry if this is a duplicate but I really think this is a very dangerous activity. A child could lose a finger or fall off and get badly cut. Clothing could set lodged in the motor, the list goes on.

    1. Oh, my son had just removed the engine the day the photo was taken to make a go-cart so it is perfectly safe, but thank you for your concern.

    2. Thanks, I knew you took great care to feed your family healthy & do everything else to keep them safe. I'm so glad this too was a safe activity.

  6. This is so lovely Tonya, and so very true!

  7. So true and I am finally learning this as I grow older. I used to be such a "control freak" and didn't want to involve extended family in raising my children, but now I am FINALLY learning how valuable and important others, both in and out of our biological family, can be in our children's lives. Thank you for this reminder!

  8. P.S. I just read the article Renee recommended from about how important family is. Excellent article. Highly recommended.

  9. You are so right Tonya! A sense of community, whether it be just among our immediate family, within our church family or within our location, is so important. Just like all the part of the human body play a role in the individual so does our communion with each other.