Friday, July 19, 2013

Moments from the Week

After Jen sugguested Bee Balm for natural dyeing, I picked some from our yard and set it out in the sun and it made a beautiful pink dye.  I used alum as a mordant but the yarn did not pick up any of the color.  I will have to try something else.  Any suggestions?

Sarah working on an outdoor play area for Polly.

More tiny house building going on.
I am sure we wouldn't be able to do these things in many suburban neighborhoods and sometimes I have to resist my need for order to just let them create  - another reason to be grateful for our little
hidden homestead.

With our porch floor in tough shape, I decided to use what we have - some joint compound to fill in holes and some leftover floor paint to at least make it presentable for now.

One of our sweet ducks, Shadow, has a broken leg.  It is bad - the bone is completely cut through and I fear she may lose complete use of her leg.  She is eating and drinking well, though, so we are hopeful.


  1. Oh Tonya, I hope your duck recovers! This must be hard on Sarah!
    I know Jules knows way more about this than me- but I wonder if you needed more actual bee balm in the dye pot? That color would be so lovely!

  2. Poor duck, hope she recovers. Bee balm sounds like a good idea for dying, sorry it didn't work out.

  3. Poor baby! We had one with a broken leg. We just let it rest and it learned to manage on its own. He is now running the yard! LOL I know that with Dr. Sarah on the case the duckie will be ducky! :)

  4. Praying for Shadow's recovery. Eating, resting and drinking are a good sign! The bee balm is lovely colour..shame it didn't take. Maybe leave it a bit longer?

  5. HI
    I Have used beets as a dye.

  6. I hope the little gets use of her leg back. Have a good weekend.

  7. asked...
    Black Eye Susan
    Queen Ann's Lace
    Jewel Weed
    Yellow Onion Skins

    I suppose I could tell you what color each of these will give you...but then that would take the fun away!

  8. Hi Tonya,

    I heard from a friend that you can use rubarb leaves to prepare your wool for coloring, so it gives no color but maybe handy instead of alum. I have no experience yet myself.

    I Also know that rubarb leaves boiled and add a little greensoap to it , this is wonderful against greenfly. sprankle over your plant a few times and the greenfly will fly away :-)

    rubarb leaves are very toxic for people, they have losts off oxcaal acid.

    Happy summerdays