Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Knitting Vests

Finished up the Plain Vest with my hand painted wool yarn and added some of our hemlock buttons.

Now I have started a Pebble Vest in some bartered yarn from Springtree Road.

Vests are my favorite article of clothing to knit - fairly quick and also very functional.  Really the perfect item to add to a young child's wardrobe during cool weather as it allows their arms to be free while a sweater can sometimes feel restrictive.

I haven't been reading a specific book lately because I have been working through getting our portfolios together for the state of Vermont as well as planning next year using  mostly a Waldorf inspired approach which I will write about more soon.  (I love the concept of unschooling and will certainly let much of that natural learning continue to flow through our days but I have to meet the state requirements and I think Waldorf is one of the more gentle approaches.)

Joining in with Ginny today.


  1. Beautiful vest! Does your family make and sell the buttons you used? I am looking for two for an adult sized sweater.

    1. Our family does make and sell buttons and we would be happy to make a custom size for you. You can contact us through either of our shops -

    2. Thanks. I'll send you the information this week.

  2. What a splendid vest, indeed!

    We feel very fortunate to live in a state that requires so little of us to homeschool. In Wisconsin, our only requirement is to fill out a form, letting the DPI we'll be homeschooling.

    1. Liz,
      Recently we were considering putting our homestead on the market and one of the strong considerations was to move to a more homeschool friendly state - for now, though, we have decided to stay and I am trying to look at the requirements as an opportunity for me to pay more attention to each child and journal what they are learning - especially when it is not a lesson (of which I don't plan to be too rigid about).
      How lucky you are in Wisconsin!

  3. I love it! This wood look so cute on my dolls. Do you make them dollsized?

  4. Beautiful vests. You do very nice work and the buttons are perfect.

    We homeschooled all three of our children who are now...a Registered Nurse, a computer systems analyst for the state and a teacher/translator in Japan for a University. Homeschooling does work and I'm so happy you are teaching your children. We also live in a very easy state to homeschool and feel very blessed by that.