Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer Joys

Our family's handwork business is now full time and we are blessed that the flexibility allowed us the opportunity to take a day to drive down to Woodstock, Vermont to enjoy the beauty of the town, some live jazz,  meet my father (Poppa) who took Thomas and Isaac back to Massachusetts for some time to work for their Poppa as well as go to
the Red Sox on the Fourth of July! 

Making strawberry jam from our local organic pick-your-own.

Going to a little local fireworks display and being just a little nervous because they were being shot off so close to the people.

Happy Summer Week,


  1. Oh wow that so lovely. Vermont, summer, strawberries and jazz-a wonderful combination!

  2. Oh we love Woodstock, Vt. It's not too far from my in-laws. Sounds like everyone is having a wonderful summer! And how exciting that your family handiwork business is full time!

    Blessings, Elizabeth