Tuesday, July 19, 2011


that we now have three teenage sons

how Abraham takes the time to put the tools back where they belong

that we were able to ship out so many orders yesterday

reading with Sarah

What are you loving right now?

Warm wishes,


  1. What a lovely photo of 3 teenage brothers. I'm loving that I got to hold my new grand daughter today!

  2. Wonderful photos of life well-lived. I love that all the boys have guitars in the one picture -- do they agree on a musical style? Thanks for your blog -- what a nice peek into your world.

  3. Oh, such beautiful photos. That last one is just stunning. Such a tender moment full of love and light.


  4. I do a "GratiTuesday" post once a week...so I've posted the things I'm loving/grateful for at my space!
    LOVE the picture of the three teenage boys in the hammock!! We're musicians and look forward to our children learning to play instruments as they grow!
    Life is full of blessings...yours is overflowing!

  5. I do have a Sunday Summer Loving post each week, but today i have a very special thing that I am loving.
    Your photos are very sweet - epsecially your boys. xx

  6. happy birthdat isaac! you are glowingly beautiful!

  7. Happy Birthday, Isaac!

    Your photos are beautiful as always.

    Today I am loving the baby who's not so much a baby anymore, sprawled asleep across my lap with a belly full of milk. Every day he nurses less than the day before, and I'm cherishing these final moments of the baby days.

  8. I am loving the inspiration that I gleaned from reading your etsy story the other day! Our family has taken similar steps towards simplicity for the sake of the family. We also have a etsy store where we sell natural handmade goods in an attempt to keep the family at home, but it has yet to start helping us out financially. Reading your story was a big inspiration that way! I'm also inspired by the fact that you have teenagers still living at home and working with you! It's so nice, inspiring and hopeful to see that. :)

    God Bless you and your family!
    Mary :)


  9. I love this, Tonya- the teenaged sons photo made me smile- it is so perfect! And seeing you puts a smile on my face, you look wonderful.:)

  10. I am loving my two teenage boys, loving the goodies my garden is giving me, and loving my sweet husband :O)

    Love the pictures!

    Christi jo

  11. What a fabulous collection of this to love! I always enjoy glimpses into your life. You all look so happy! I love the three teenage boys. I can't even imagine how you go about feeding them. And you look fabulous! As always, thanks for sharing.

    Blessings, Elizabeth

  12. love seeing your wonderful family. so good to catch up with you. I'm loving being home and enjoying the quiet that comes after vacation. Have a wonderful week friend!

  13. Such very beautiful, loving pictures. I just love the pictures of your three teenage boys, little brother and the tools, and you and your daughter reading. Beautiful close family.

  14. Wow-three teenage sons. Strange to think that I will be there too in just a few years! I also love that last photo of you and Sarah, and I am envious of your hairdo! I always wanted long hair pulled up in a nice bun, but mine is so thin it would never stay.

  15. I think it is wonderful that you all have been able to be your own bosses and make enough to money to survive on. My questions are, "Have you had to use government assistance at all on this journey and how long have you been self sufficient in this way?