Friday, September 3, 2010

Gardens, Raspberries, Compost and Sunflowers

Lots and lots of tomatoes to pick each day.  We have mostly the smaller sun gold variety and then a slightly larger tomato that turns a beautiful bright shade of red.   Abraham came to me last evening requesting "one, two baskets for me and Sarah" and they returned in with baskets full.

Piling compost in new garden areas.

We discovered that we have fall raspberries!  Last autumn Mike brush hogged an area on the other side of the pond.  While talking with some  homesteaders at the library yesterday I learned that cutting fall raspberries down to ground level is what you are supposed to do after the first hard frost.  Yeah!  We inadvertently did this last fall and are reaping the benefits this season!

Our butternut squash is growing so large thanks to this unusually hot weather we are  having here in northern Vermont.

Sunflowers from our garden on a embroidered circle, one of the beautiful items I received from Maribeth for the
Vintage Swap.

Warm wishes for a beautiful weekend,


  1. such beautiful sunflowers! have a wonderful weekend

  2. oh, the sight of those pretty sunflowers!

    and, hooray for surprise autumn raspberries :-)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Loving the bounty of tomatoes! You've got the cutest helpers. We have a lot of green ones right now. They are very slow to turn this year which makes it hard to can. Hmm, time for some creative solutions I suppose. Oh great advice on the raspberries. I never knew that.
    Your sunflowers, like your blog, are lovely and inspirational. Wishing you a beautiful weekend too! Be well, Angela

  4. Dear Tonya,

    I am also having some autumn raspberries. They are even sweeter than the ones we got in the spring :)

    Your compost pile looks great! We have three compost bin that are used and filled all the time. There is nothing like creating your own black gold!



  5. tis the season!!!
    beauty everywhere!
    hugs to you

  6. I love sunflowers! You have a perfect kitchen garden!

  7. have a great weekend...your garden goodness is all wonderful. enjoy your harvest.

  8. Sungolds are SO good. . .
    Your squash looks like ours, and I was worried they were too green, glad to see yours are at the same point as ours!
    And hooray for raspberries!

  9. Aren't sunflowers magical? Just one in a vase can make you smile.
    (\_ _/)

  10. Your garden is looking great, we're looking forward to planting tomato and sunflower seeds soon as we've just entered spring.

  11. How sweet, your little ones going off and harvesting the tomatoes! You have so much goodness in your garden Tonya!

  12. Oh, I do love those sunflowers! I had none , not one grow this year. I swear the birds watched me plant the seeds then when my back was turned got them..LOL!

  13. Lovely surprise those berries! Missed visiting with you!

  14. How lovely your garden is! and so abundant, that really was good luck about the raspberries.
    Happy harvesting!