Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Harvesting and Routines

With the last week of theater camps behind us, we are now striving to return some semblance of routine to our household. Although with harvest season upon us, fall baseball beginning and just because of our large family, keeping our life simple is a constant work in progress.

In addition, with five different grades to homeschool this year, we have begun again with math, Bible and literature this week to slowly ease back in for not only the children but for myself.
I have been canning beans and will share a recipe tomorrow. Today, I will be making coleslaw with the cabbage and carrots. I think I will be using a basic recipe and making it a wee bit more healthy as I do - using some yogurt as well as mayo.

Here is a picture from picking in the gardens yesterday. I pulled out the rest of the garlic, some more onions, picked some lettuce, carrots, calendula, more beans, zucchini, and peppers.

Mike is busy filling in around our new house now that the foundation work is done. He put drainage all around to keep our basement dry.

Here is riding a tractor (that a very kind neighbor lent us) with Abraham (who could not keep his hands off the controls).

I am continually reminding myself to enjoy the moments of this life we have been given.



  1. Great post! I am longing for routine - school starts next week! :) Gorgeous harvest!!

  2. So glad your settling in--can't wait to see some pics of your new homestead, bet it will be cute:-)