Saturday, October 15, 2011

Scenes from the Past Week

Adding a side to our barn/shed - the new barn is not going to get built before the snow comes as we have other priorities financially right now, so we need to add on to each side.  One side is to store the bicycles and recycling bins so we can clear out 1/2 the barn to make room for a milking stand and another pen area.  The other side overhang will be for the goats to have a little extra space this winter.  They will at least be able to step outside.

 The goats are helping to clean out the gardens.

 The chickens get free range now that the gardens are all through.  They enjoy scratching in the compost pile.

 A scene just a short drive from our home.

 More cutting, splitting and stacking.

 Granola making.

 Apple butter canning.

The last of the apples from our two trees in one more apple crisp.


  1. beautiful glimpse into your week. You amaze me, with a new wee one, you accomplish so much.

  2. I understand the financial aspect whole-heartedly. I've put off a few of our projects for the season, too. Ah well! Priorities :)

    Your chickens certainly do look happy free range.

    Such wonderful photos! Thank you for sharing.

  3. What lovely images. I always enjoy seeing pictures of your little barn--it looks so humble and yet serviceable. :)

  4. such wonderful fall moments. i'm itching to make apple butter - one of the few fruit things my son can tolerate (via me)... i'd love to know your recipe! if you have a moment would you send it to me? thank you

  5. Lovely week and images! Our trees are just where yours are in fall colour!

  6. Would love your recipe for granola! Thanks for the pictures ~ love to see the chickens free range and watch the goats grazing. Dawn - -

  7. Tonya...I do so love seeing what my blogging friends are up to in the week. All your farming chores will pay off well. Have a lovely weekend with your beautiful family!!!
    xo Jules

  8. What a lovely week indeed. That photo from the road makes my heart yearn to be back in Vermont.

  9. Love the photos. We went apple picking yesterday and making apple crisp is on my to do list for today. Yummy! I may not post often but I lurk often and think of you even more often.

  10. So many beautiful fall colors! It's not quite that colorful here in Tx:)

  11. I just love seeing the chickens and goats. I think I was meant to have a small piece of land for such little pleasures. I'd just need a cheap, reliable handyman!!!!

    I love making granola. I add cranberries, almond slices, and coconut to mine. Yum!